PurePulp series

The Alfa Laval PurePulp series of separators was specially developed for beverage clarification involving citrus and other fruits with dry matter pulp. The continuous discharge design makes it easy to handle a high solids content, with greater control to make sure your end product perfectly matches the specific demands of your target customers. Every PurePulp also includes Alfa Laval’s unique Hermetic Design concept, ensuring you get the highest quality juice with the lowest product losses.

PurePulp饮料离心机-Beverage centrifuge

A continuous de-pulping centrifuge for more profitable juice clarification

  • Efficient clarification, with a precise split between juice and pulp for minimum product loss
  • Gentle processing together with minimized oxidation to preserve valuable flavours and aromas
  • Hygienic, easy-to-maintain equipment with improved design for cleaning-in-place (CIP)
  • Cut your power bill and CO2 footprint with a range of innovations for reduced energy consumption
  • Complete plug-and-play, automatic system concept for simple and reliable operation
Each PurePulp system is designed from start to finish to help you get the most out of your fruits. The centrifuge generates a continuous pulp stream with a high dryness content, and it is also highly effective at removing heavy particles and black specks. Built with Alfa Laval’s patented Hermetic Design concept, PurePulp also guarantees extremely smooth and gentle handling, with no risk of air-liquid interface in the bowl. The precise control of product consistency and quality, along with increased flexibility to process different kinds of fruit mash, will bring whole new opportunities into your production.

The right PurePulp to match your capacity demands

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-efficient clarification solution for beverage production with high pulp content, our separation experts can work with you to find the right sized PurePulp model to match your production needs.

PurePulp 250

Purepulp centrifuge for citrus juice and tropical fruit processing

  • Capacities up to 8000 l/h for smaller citrus juice processing plants
  • Skid-mounted separator and system
  • Available with Hermetic Design for close to zero oxygen pick-up and continuous pulp removal with Topstream technology

PurePulp 450

PurePulp 450 - centrifuge for citrus juice processing and pulp removal

  • Centrifuge for medium size citrus processing plant
  • Separator with complete associated system
  • Available with Hermetic Design for close to zero oxygen pick-up and continuous pulp removal with Topstream technology


PurePulp 750

PurePulp 750 - industrial centrifuge for citrus juice processing and pulp removal

  • Capacities up to 25,000 l/h for larger citrus processing plant
  • Separator with complete associated system
  • Available with Hermetic Design for close to zero oxygen pick-up and continuous pulp removal with Topstream technology

Complete plug-and-play system scope

The advanced technology of the PurePulp series goes far beyond the centrifuge itself. To make sure you get the best polishing or concentration performance, Alfa Laval can deliver the entire system scope, complete with everything you need to ensure reliable and efficient separation. This includes automation solutions as well as all piping, valves and other relevant process components. For PurePulp 250 models, the complete system is installed on a moveable skid with wheels. PurePulp 450 and 750 models feature components mounted on a self-supporting stainless steel frame.

purepulp complete system2
purepulp how it works

Where to use PurePulp

Common applications: processing of all types of citrus juices, as well as other tropical fruits including pineapple, coconut and more.


Ask our separation experts

Curious about the difference a PurePulp centrifuge can make in your production? Hear from our experts to learn more about the unique Alfa Laval separation innovations that go into every system.

What makes PurePulp so unique?

How can Alfa Laval’s Hermetic Design improve our juice processing?

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Test, validate, and scale up your next separation solution

Whether upgrading your production line or running a proof of concept, Alfa Laval helps you choose the right separator solution with confidence. Simply get in touch to arrange a consultation and trial at one of our test centres, or to rent a unit for onsite testing.

Testing separation solutions

Take advantage of Alfa Laval features

All PurePulp models are developed with the benefit of Alfa Laval’s more than 130 years of experience with disc stack separation technology and our deep knowledge of customer processes. Find out how all that expertise has gone into unique features for improved separation performance.

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