A Packinox heat exchanger is ideal for demanding heat recovery duties in processes with high pressures and temperatures. Its outstanding thermal performance, superior hydraulic efficiency and low CAPEX allow you to optimize energy efficiency, increase profitability and improve sustainability. A Packinox enables higher yield and recovers more heat than a shell-and-tube solution, resulting in better ROI and a lower environmental impact.

阿法拉伐全焊接板壳换热器-Alfa Laval fully welded plate and shell heat exchanger

Reliable efficiency

  • Lower OPEX – The high heat recovery leads to substantial energy savings. Maintenance costs are also low thanks to minimal fouling.
  • Lower CAPEX – A single Packinox can replace several large shell-and-tubes and makes it possible to operate processes with smaller furnaces and cooling
  • Higher process yield thanks to a low pressure drop, optimal liquid/gas mixing, high operating flexibility and a fully customized design.
  • Reliable, proven technology – More than 350 units in operation worldwide.
  • Real-time monitoring and continuous optimization by Alfa Laval experts.

Packinox heat exchangers combine the high-pressure and high-temperature resistance of shell-and-tube heat exchangers with the outstanding heat transfer performance of plate heat exchangers.

A single Packinox heat exchanger outperforms systems consisting of multiple large shell-and-tubes, both in terms of heat recovery and investment costs.

Due to its many advantages, Packinox has become the industry standard combined feed/effluent heat exchanger in catalytic reformers and paraxylene plants. The potential OPEX reduction in these applications is significant, and choosing the right heat exchanger has a great impact on energy bills.

Packinox is also available in a plate-and-frame configuration.

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Sustainable solutions

Imagine a more sustainable world. A world where it takes less to produce even more. A world where we efficiently meet our growing energy demands and simultaneously reduce CO2 emissions. Imagine a world where we can harness the power of natural resources, while preserving them at the same time. At Alfa Laval, we don’t just imagine this world. We’re building it – together with our customers and our partners.

Accelerate sustainable solutions

Packinox plate-and-frame heat exchanger

The plate-and-frame version of Alfa Laval Packinox has no pressure shell and no Spray Bar system. It is suitable for applications where the extra pressure and temperature resistance provided by the shell is not required, and where no separate liquid feed injection/flash evaporation takes place inside the heat exchanger. Applications include carbon capture and storage, energy storage, oil refining, petrochemicals and many more.

packinox plate-and-frame heat exchanger isolated

Rethink your refinery

When partnering with Alfa Laval, you get access to a range of process optimization services. They cover all stages of your project from initial idea generation, through the feasibility-and basic design study, to installation and commissioning of our equipment. Working closely with licensors, engineering companies and end-users, Alfa Laval’s refinery team brings world-leading expertise in process optimization to all types of refinery projects, maximizing the probability of project success and ROI.

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New plate design improves thermal efficiency

Alfa Laval’s new Wide Opening Design heat transfer plates have many benefits:

  • 50% lower pressure drop over the distribution areas compared to the previous design. This makes it possible to either increase heat recovery, reduce the size of the heat exchanger or to lower the overall pressure in the process.
  • 30% higher mechanical strength and higher resistance to thermo-mechanical stress.
  • Improved flow and pressure distribution, which improves operability and lifting, making it possible for plant operators to run processes with a lower flow of recycle gas and thereby increase yield.

New software tool raises yield and reliability

The yield in catalytic reforming and xylene production depends on the ratio of the liquid feed and recycle gas flows. Setting the right gas flow is critical. If it is too low, the gas will not be able to lift the droplets of liquid feed through the heat exchanger. This causes poor performance and, at worst, serious damage to the heat exchanger. If the gas flow is too high, the pressure in the process will be higher than necessary, which causes lower yield. It will also lead to higher energy consumption in the compressor.

Alfa Laval Packinox has developed the Lifting Controller, a unique software tool that helps plant operators set the optimum flow rate of the recycle gas. The Lifting Controller software is implemented in the plant’s control system and continuously analyses operating data. Based on the analysis, the system indicates if the gas flow needs to be adjusted. This gives plant operators high flexibility in how they wish to operate their plant and ensures sufficient lifting.

In order to offer maximum accuracy and operating reliability, the Lifting Controller software is customized to each specific heat exchanger and its operating conditions.

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The recycle gas enters the heat exchanger at the bottom and passes the Spray Bars on its way into the plate pack. The liquid feed enters from the side and is sprayed into the gas by the Spray Bars. This ensures a perfect mix of liquid feed and recycle gas, which facilitates lifting and makes it possible to operate the unit on a high liquid-to-gas ratio for maximum yield.

The feed/gas mixture moves up through the plate pack while the reactor effluent travels in the opposite direction. The highly turbulent, counter-current flow ensures that most of the heat from the reactor effluent is recovered and heats the cold feed. The hot approach temperature can be as low as 25°C (45°F).

The outstanding heat recovery reduces the load on both the reactor heater and the cooling system compared to using other types of heat exchangers, thereby reducing both OPEX and CAPEX.


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Unique features

Alfa Laval Packinox Explosion FormingExplosion Forming

High-strength plates with long, reliable lifetime

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Alfa Laval Packinox Wide Opening DesignWide Opening Design

Maximum heat recovery

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Alfa Laval Packinox Lifting ControllerLifting Controller

Optimum lifting and increased flexibility

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Alfa Laval Packinox Spray BarSpray Bar

Effective mixing of the liquid feed and the recycle gas

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Alfa Laval Packinox Lifetime Follow-upLifetime Follow-Up

Continuous monitoring and optimization

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Alfa Laval ALOnsiteALOnsite™

Qualified support at your facility

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