Higijenski fitinzi

For a contaminant-free connection of your hygienic and high-purity processing systems, trust Alfa Laval’s hygienic fittings. All stainless-steel components meet the most stringent requirements for surface quality, microbial and corrosion resistance, high cleanability, material strength, uniform thickness, and crevice-free welding. This ensures uptime, safety, reliability and efficiency for duties across the dairy, food, beverage, home & personal care, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

hygienic fittings

Safeguard process integrity and process quality with hygienic fittings for optimal safety, reliability and efficiency

  • Easy-to-clean hygienic fittings with internal surface finishes for hygienic and high-purity applications
  • Minimized risk of dead legs and microbial contamination due to crevice-free welds
  • Compliance with global hygienic standards, including ISO 2037, ASME and ASME BPE dimensions, EN 10357-A, and BS 4825
  • Easy online access to digitized material certificates through the Alfa Laval FindMyCert software tool
  • Easy access to spare parts availability through real-time inventory alerts at Alfa Laval global distribution centres

Available worldwide, Alfa Laval hygienic fittings meet international standards. Tubular fittings are made from a single piece of cold-formed stainless steel, while connections are forged from solid stainless-steel bars. In addition, both undergo strict quality control measures at every stage of manufacturing. This ensures tight tolerances, uniform wall thickness, smooth weld ends, surface finish and roughness.

Choose from unions, clamp fittings, flanges, bends, tees, reducers, tubing, connectors, anchor plates and pipe support systems. All hygienic fittings comply with ISO 2037, ASME dimensions, EN 10357-A, and BS 4825 and come with 3.1 Material Certificates. In addition, aseptic stainless-steel fittings come with an Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package for full traceability of all product contact parts.


How does hygienic fittings work?

Alfa Laval tubular fittings (bends, tees and reducers) are cold-formed from a tube to the desired shape. After the forming process, the items are polished and cleaned. 

Alfa Laval machined fittings, which are in contact with the product (male, liner, blinds/end caps and ferrules), are produced from a bar or forging/bar or forging plus tube. For hygienic use, they are normally machined to the right surface finish. Our ASME BPE fittings are polished/electropolished to an appropriate smooth, highly reflective surface. 

Alfa Laval quality process and control ensures that angles and surfaces are within the standards, dimensions (diameter, wall thickness, and the length required to build in the fittings), and all other items are clean and ready for welding.



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CAD Portal for tubes and fittings

Neutral? Native? 3D PDFs? Find what you need to source parts and components, create new designs, or share designs with your collaborators through the Alfa Laval CAD Portal. Using detailed CAD models, quickly evaluate products, download 2D and 3D drawings, and collaborate with colleagues to design the optimal hygienic process or system.

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Close at hand product catalogue about tubes and fittings

At your fingertips: Alfa Laval hygienic fittings and tubes for your critical process connections. Our ‘Close at hand’ catalogue details everything you need – unions, bends, tubes and more – to meet exacting demands for reliability and efficiency for standard and high-purity duties. What you get is increased safety, more uptime, and greater productivity.

Hygienic fittings series

Unapredite svoje poslovanje. Optimizujte svoje sisteme za rukovanje tečnostima – na održiv način

Neka vaši procesi budu efikasniji i održiviji, a posao cveta, uz postizanje usaglašenosti sa propisima. Sa održivom optimizacijom iz Alfa Laval-a, možete uštedeti do 80% energije, kao i 90% vode i sredstava za čišćenje, uz minimiziranje otpada. To je dobro za ljude. Dobro za planetu. Dobro za profitabilnost.

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Realizujte svoju strategiju održivosti

Ostvarite veću uštedu energije i vode i smanjite emisije iz svojih higijenskih linija za obradu. Naš mesečni bilten, near, donosi priče o tome kako Alfa Laval može da vam pomogne u poboljšanju ekoloških performansi u industriji mlečnih proizvoda, hrane, pića, kućne nege i farmaceutskoj industriji. Ono što je dobro za ljude i planetu dobro je i za vaše poslovanje.