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February 3-5 in Orlando

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The AHR Expo is the world’s largest event for HVACR professionals. If your company plans to take part in Orlando, Florida this February, you will have opportunity to discover Alfa Laval’s latest smart solutions for tackling energy efficiency, safety and tomorrow’s refrigerants. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our industry experts and find out how our newest technologies can offer advantages for your business.


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AHR Expo
Orlando, Feb 2-5, 2020


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Matteo Munari - Head of Application & Product Development - Brazed Heat Exchangers

Meet Matteo at AHR to discuss tomorrow’s refrigerants.


Enrico Dall`Armellina - Product Manager - Brazed Heat Exchangers

Meet Enrico at AHR to discuss energy efficiency.


Patrik Areskog - Global Distribution Manager - Brazed Heat Exchangers

Meet Patrik at AHR to discuss how to select the best heat transfer solution.


Discover the latest: Alfa Laval’s new generation of double-wall brazed heat exchangers

For heating and cooling applications where safety is as critical as performance, nothing gives you the same peace of mind as Alfa Laval’s new generation of double-wall brazed plate heat exchangers. Built with our three-barrier technique, these models provide the market’s greatest protection against mixing of fluids. And thanks to an advanced plate pattern design, you can maintain greater thermal efficiency for your system than possible with other double-wall technologies.

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A new gas-to-liquid heat exchanger that can handle more

Alfa Laval’s new gas-to-liquid plate heat exchangers represent a true revolution in gas cooling. From exceptionally high temperatures to media with extremely disproportionate flow rates, they can handle much more than other heat exchangers. The patented plate design offers efficient thermal performance with very low pressure drop – all within a shockingly compact footprint.

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