Aldox Core

Alfa Laval Aldox™ Core gives you a water deaeration system that operates at peak efficiency as soon as it is delivered and installed – and at a low investment. Do away with expensive, time-consuming running-in and commissioning procedures. And you minimize total cost of ownership thanks to cost-effective operations and maintenance.

阿法拉伐 Aldox™Core水脱氧系统

Deaeration solutions for beer and beverages

  • Eliminates the need for costly pressure vessels and vacuum pumps, saving on space and operating costs
  • Standardized plug-in design concept ensures rapid delivery of cost-effective deaeration solutions
  • Pre-assembled frame-mounted systems only require a minimum of on-site installation work
  • Factory-tested units save on commissioning time, so you can get them running quickly
  • Automated control systems help you increase efficiency, cut down on inspection and minimize product losses
Deaeration solutions for beer and beverages: Alfa Laval Aldox™ water deaeration systems have long been the technology of choice for producing prime-quality, oxygen-free water for brewing and beverages. The range of deaeration solutions now includes the pre-engineered, off-the-shelf Aldox™ Core. Get all the benefits of our deaeration process know-how with pre-set and factory-tested set-ups ideal for most normal operating conditions.

How our deaeration system works

Aldox™ Core systems are self-contained deaeration modules that are pre-configured, pre-assembled and factory tested before delivery.

The Aldox™ column removes oxygen from the incoming water, which is routed via the liquid distributor at the top of the column. High oxygen desorption is achieved by using carbon dioxide as the stripping gas over a packed bed at atmospheric pressure. Specially developed internal packing material maximizes the possible surface area over which the liquid and gas can make contact.

Exceptionally efficient oxygen removal

This deaeration technology results in efficient oxygen removal with very low gas consumption. 95% or more of the stripping gas entering the column is dissolved into the water, which reduces the need for additional carbonation with products such as high-gravity blended beer. The virtually oxygen-free water is collected at the bottom of the column.

An automated deaeration operation

Aldox™ Core systems are all fully automated. A PLC controls all operations, monitored by a fail-safe system. Operators select a range of clearly defined functions via an easy-to-use colour touch panel.

Units are also designed for cleaning-in-place procedures. In compliance with food industry regulations, all components that come into contact with process liquids are made of stainless steel, with heat-resistant seals.


Product Models

Deaeration with low costs and maximum effect

  • Aldox™-SBD is exclusively for water deaeration
  • Aldox™-SAD is for a combination of water deaeration and cooling
  • Aldox™-SPD is for the full package of water deaeration, pasteurization and cooling

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Read our product brochure to learn more about ALDOX™ Core's application, working principle, benefits and technical details.

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