Revos draft dispense

The Alfa Laval Re-draft system is a compact, post-mix dispensing system that rehydrates beer and beverage concentrate at the point of consumption. With a draft beer dispensing system, beer and beverage manufacturers can realize significant logistics and supply chain cost savings when storing and transporting concentrates in bulk, then reconstituting them moments before serving cold draft beer and beverages at pubs and restaurants.

Revos draft dispense

Reduce costs and boost your sustainability profile by serving draft beer, cider and wine from concentrate on tap

  • Reduce transport costs by up to 80% due to reduced storage and shipping volumes of concentrate throughout the supply chain to the consumer
  • Serve up to five times the beverage from the beer concentrate, taking up less storage space than the original product
  • Free up space under the counter, yet store and dispense more beverages than a single-keg kegerator
  • Improve workplace safety and reduce manual labour by eliminating frequent changeout of kegs while dispensing beer or beverage from concentrate
  • Improve quality assurance – visible to consumers – with real-time monitoring of temperature, carbonation and concentration for every single pour

Alfa Laval Re-draft system is a compact, post-mix draft beer dispensing system. It reconstitutes beer and beverage concentrate that match the flavour profile of the original product at the point of sale. 

Get a fully fermented beer and beverage concentrate from patented Revos™ reverse osmosis technology. Drastically cut costs and emissions by transporting beer concentrate in bulk and then by precisely rehydrating the beverage with pure, carbonated water –directly at the point of sale or at regional packaging plants with the Re-draft beer dispensing system. 

Part of Alfa Laval’s broad solutions portfolio for the of brewery and beverage industries, the Re-draft system helps brewers, beverage manufacturers and their customers meet sustainability targets by streamlining logistics and supply chains and reducing costs.

Alfa Laval Re-draft system monitoring

Revos Draft Dispense monitoring 1

Ratio Control/Tracking

  • Responds dynamically to changes to ensure a consistent pour
  • Accounts for flow variability at the start of the pour and when water flow rate or pressure changes
Revos Draft Dispense monitoring 2



  • Keeps beer and beverages cold at all times
  • UV sterilization prevents microbial growth after chlorine removal
Revos Draft Dispense monitoring 3

Touchscreen display


  • Makes data about each pour and keg and CO2 volumes available to bar staff
  • Provides data about cleaning, calibration and maintenance available to service professionals


Revos Draft Dispense monitoring 4



  • Alerts staff to change kegs, replace CO2 or call for service
  • Recognizes issues with the machine or inputs
  • Helps prevent off-spec pouring
Revos Draft Dispense monitoring 5

Connectivity as a service

Remote monitoring and logging ensure

  • Each pour is in spec
  • Cleaning on track
  • Usage analytics available to the brewer or manufacturer


Alfa Laval Re-draft dispense system versus traditional draft  

Protecting traditional experience

  • Cleaning frequency and chemicals
  • Great taste
  • Pouring experience (appearance/rate/tap)
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Consistent ABV, CO2 and foam level in every pour

Added benefits

  • The Re-draft system lets you know pour specs/keg volume
  • Self-cooling or integrated into a glycol system
  • Recycle kegs/no return or cleaning

Three ways to more sustainable beer and beverages

The Alfa Laval Re-draft system is available in three versions:

  • Re-draft cellar for use to draw concentrate from bar cellars to bar taps
  • Re-draft mobile for use in cafés, temporary event venues and stadiums, where keeping a large number of kegs on site proves difficult
  • Re-draft system test unit to trial the beer dispensing system on site


Same great taste now weighs less

The Re-draft system supplies the same volume of beer or beverage from concentrate as larger packaging alternatives. This increases workplace safety and reduces injuries. It also does away with the hassle of storing and refrigerating kegs or barrels on-site and returning them to get deposits refunded.

How it works


The Alfa Laval Re-draft system reconstitutes beer and beverage concentrate at the point of sale. After purifying cold and carbonated water, it blends the water with the concentrate, delivering a cold draft product directly to the tap. An integrated draft monitoring system ensures precisely controlled temperature, head and carbonation.

Pilot testing and rentals of beer and beverage concentration systems


Put the Alfa Laval Revos concentration system to the test. Send eight kegs of your beer or beverage to one of Alfa Laval’s two testing sites (either in the US or Denmark) and take part in an on-site testing and performance review.

You could also rent and test a commercial-scale unit to determine concentrate throughput and product quality on your site.




Food system services

Alfa Laval Food system services help extend the performance of your food systems by maximizing the performance of your processes. This enables you to:

  • Continually improve your operations to maintain competitive advantage
  • Focus on uptime, optimization and availability
  • Maximize return on investment throughout the life cycle of your food systems

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Curbing carbon emissions - Learn more from our white paper

How can breweries and beverage manufacturing facilities reduce their carbon footprints while making operations more efficient? Reducing direct and indirect emissions plays an important role – from purchasing raw materials, electricity and manufacturing to packaging, materials and distribution. This white paper will focus on reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration for beer and beverage concentration as a cost-effective way for manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chains.

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Q&As Revos concentration system

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Revos beer concentration system here.

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